35 years of FEAR, GONE...in an instant! and with it:
and dread!


My name is Stephen and you read that correctly - I suffered from fear and anxiety, and crippling phobia, for over 30 years!  But it all left me


Do you want permanent freedom from fear and anxiety?
  • Without the use of drugs or supplements?
  • With only positive, long-lasting side effects?
  • Using time-tested techniques as old as the Bible?

OK, good. 
But, you may be asking, "WHAT'S THE COST?"

I'll be honest.  In order to succeed like me, you will need TENACITY  and a willingness to think outside the box .

Although my healing came quickly, it took a year of studying, and praying to understand the root causes.  But I have good news, if you're reading this, you're probably sick and tired of being sick and tired. That's good, because... 
Desperation is your friend!

Those that have devoured this program with determination saw results:  Depression GONE.  Anxiety GONE.  Meds STOPPED (with the help of a doctor, of course). 
The speed with which your healing comes is dependent upon your willingness...to dig down to the root.  THIS AIN'T A PATCH JOB OR A BAND AID!  So get your shovel ready! 

I'm thankful for all those who attempted to help me through traditional mental health care.  Unfortunately,  no one was able to show me the root cause of my problem.  The best they could do was help manage my symptoms.  BUT I FOUND A BETTER WAY! 
And NOW I'm going to show you!

If you want to know more about me, click here to read my detailed testimony.  You'll see why I know fear and anxiety...and why they know me!  
My hope and prayer is that I'll help you save LOTS of time getting free from fear.  I've spent the last 14 years teaching these principles - lessons learned in the midst of war.  I hate fear.  It stole years of my life.  But now I'm in control and taking all that was stolen.  Are you with me?
Ok, let's get started! 

Copyright 2019; Stephen Ruggero